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What is TeenHack all about? (who we are)

TeenHack is a tech project/initiative for kids and teens. The largest tech community were kids with 7 - 18 years old are exposed on learn how to write Computer codes, write Scratch Programming Interactive stories and games, improve their logic reasoning & problem solving skills, experience Virtual Reality (VR), gain practical knowledge on computer hardware and learn team work. We believe at six (6) kids can start being exposed to computing and technology. Do you desire your kids to learn the most valuable skill? Then they should be part of the TeenHack project.


The aim of TeenHack project is to empower kids/teens become innovators. TeenHack help expose them to think outside the box, imagine and build innovative and amazing stuffs.


At Teen Hack, participants get to discover how good they are in solving problems and real life challenges. Each kid is engaged in logical thinking which enhances their thinking capacity.


Join 200+ kids that learn quarterly via TeenHack project across Southeastern Nigeria. Let your kids experience the best learning on computing, game programming and tech innovations.

Activities (What Teens get to learn)

Game Programming


Virtual Reality

Computer Programming

~ Enroll Your Kid Into ~ TeenHack ~ Weekend & Quarterly Program ~

Ongoing & Upcoming Events

TeenHack Weekend Program

Enroll your ward into the ongoing TeenHack weekend program that holds every saturday. Let your child enhance his/her logical reasoning and computational skills by acquiring digital skills on computer and game programming.

Every Saturday in 2019
4th Floor, 7 Factory Road Aba, Abia Sate

TeenHack Quarterly/Summer Code Camp

At the end of each academic term and summer vacations, TeenHack code camp programs are held for kids/teens to participate. Parents and schools can enroll their wards and students to participate. Take few minutes to enroll your ward or students.

Every Quarter in 2019
Abia Poly ICT Audit

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