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One of the very core reasons behind the initiation of TeenHack Inclusive Project is the main facr that we are keying into Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) for quality education and reduced inequality for young people in our community. Since 2015, we have empowered over 1,000 kids/teenagers in digital skills ranging from basic website and mobile application development, game programming, Virtual Reality (VR), hardware maintenance alongside team work and leadership thereby helping them improve their logical reasoning and problem solving abilities.

More than 85% of young people in our community do not have access to quality Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. This is the gap TeenHack Inclusive Project is working on addressing across underserved communities in Abia State. Join us today!

TeenHack Summer Code Camp 2017

Every summer (in August) we organize the largest technology gathering for kids and teenagers across Abia State. We have been consistent since 2015 and have a couple of the beneficiaries gain scholarships, internships and international recognition.

Through the TeenHack Summer Code Camp, we develop talents and engage them afterwards through direct mentorship, access to learning resources and tools to grow and improve.

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TeenHack Summer Code Camp 2018

In 2018, 118 kids and teenagers in Abia participated in the TeenHack Summer Code Camp and were trained on how to build beautiful Wordpress websites, mobile applications and educative games respectively.

We had the kids and teenagers form groups to brainstorm on real-life contemporary problems faced by their community and attempt building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the problem.

Read TeenHack Summer Code Camp 2018 report - Read Now!

500 Kids/Teenagers To Participate In TeenHack 2019

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