About TeenHack

Vision Statement

To become the leading social project for driving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) for quality technology education and reduced inequality for kids/teenagers across African communities.

Mission Statement

To consistently provide an accessible, affordable, and all-inclusive technology education for disadvantaged communities through workshops, hackathons, mentorship, and idea incubation.

Our Aim & Objectives

Promote Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)

Help young people access quality technology education and promote technology education inclusion.

Reduce Poverty & Hardship

Empower young people with lifetime on-demand skills for job placement and creations across Africa.

Increase Economic Growth

Foster entrepreneurship and development of technology innovations to enhance economic health of Africa.

500 Kids/Teenagers To Participate In TeenHack 2019

TeenHack Scope & Focus


Through TeenHack, Kids are exposed to other kids across the world who are transforming their space through technology alongside the real impact of technology across different sectors.


TeenHack is crafted to provide kids and teens a personalized and hands-on learning on Computer Coding, Robotics Engineering, Game Programming, and other current trends in technology.

Innovation & Creativity

Kid's imagination can be expressed wholly through a tool that allows them to realize everything they are thinking, TeenHack help provide them with tools to turn imagination into innovation and creativity.

Problem Solving

Learning how to code introduces kids to problem solving. We expose kids to real life challenges and projects in which they are coached on how to give the right solution and approach to them.

Critical Thinking

TeenHack helps to build up kids to think fast and logically. We have set out a curricullum to make sure that each kid improves adequately in terms of thinking and giving out fast solution to problems.


There is need for tech entrepreneurship education for kids/teenagers across Africa. We're assiduously working towards seeing young people using their new-found skills to build innovating products.